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Yolanta Collection

Established in 1992, Yolanta Collection jewellery is designed and individually handcrafted in Canada.

Yolanta (Jolanta) Stasiak, the company founder and designer, creates unique jewellery of sophisticated designs and meticulous workmanship. Each piece in her collection is envisioned and created in her studio in Missisauga,(Greater Toronto Area), from concept, through sketch to finished product. She combines Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and pearls, accentuated with Yolanta’s original designs of castings to create the most intricate designs. The crystals are wrapped and intertwined to create striking statement pieces of refined shapes. Yolanta’s European background has influenced her work, combining old world charm, precision and workmanship with contemporary innovative design.

Yolanta Collection jewellery is available at high-end boutiques, gift stores, galleries and other fine retailers across Canada and USA. 

How it all began…

Creativity, passion and persistence – these are the three qualities that followed Yolanta since her earliest days. She would always look for ways to express her artistic creativity, but she pursued teaching geography as her future career. Yolanta left Poland in 1987 to come to New York City, and it was there, that she was introduced to jewellery crafting and later realized that this was something she was truly passionate about. Her talent was soon discovered as she was promoted from being a jewellery assembler to becoming the Assistant Designer.  Upon coming to Canada in 1990, Yolanta was determined to design jewellery on her own. It was not easy at first, but she was persistent and most of all, she believed in her work.

Soon, Yolanta’s designs became recognized, she created a network of clients, and Yolanta Collection was established. In 1995, Yolanta’s sister Ursula joined her. They created a dynamic team, began doing trade shows and the business grew rapidly and expanded around Canada.

In 1998, Ursula moved to Phoenix, Arizona to join her husband, Tom. Shortly after, he decided to become a part of the Yolanta Collection team. From that point on, Yolanta Collection U.S. was founded. Ursula and Tom would introduce and promote Yolanta’s jewellery across the United States. Soon, they would also handcraft Yolanta’s designs for the U.S. market, while Yolanta would continue to design and supply Canadian clients. Yolanta Collection jewellery was and continues to be highly recognized in the U.S. market, reaching not only high-end boutiques but Hollywood productions, Miss America Beauty Pageants and celebrity recognition.

Throughout the business expansion, Yolanta’s daughter Nicole was exposed to the business environment at an early age and has become a significant part of the company. She now works in Sales and Marketing as well as modelling, bringing in a youthful approach to the company.

In the recent years, Yolanta's son Martin has also joined the company. He plays an integral role as a Special Events Coordinator and works in logistics and transportation.

Being a family business, Yolanta Collection also creates family ties with their clients. We have been working with some of our clients for over 20 years. They continually appreciate Yolanta Collection’s jewellery originality and quality of workmanship and anxiously await every new collection.

Yolanta Collection


Yolanta Collection

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