“I have had the pleasure of being a client of YOLANTA COLLECTION for over 20 years.  The quality and craftsmanship of Yolanta’s jewellery is at the top of the game.  Many times when a client tries on the jewellery with an outfit there is no turning back, the quality shines thru. Yolanta herself always goes above and beyond with customer service!   No wonder, Yolanta is still in the business after 25 years!  Congratulation!   Job well done! “  



 "I have found Yolanta Collection quite by accident at one of the shows I attended while back. I was quite taken by the designs and quality of the jewellery I saw. These beautiful pieces are of breathtaking beauty. I became a client and have never looked back. Yolanta is a true artist. She has a vision, talent and magnificent way of expressing herself in jewellery she crafts..."

Myrna K., Toronto, ON.